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Warbonnet, Volume 2, No. 1, 1st Quarter, 1996

Price $5.00



  • A Collage of Santa Fe Memories by Keel Middleton
  • Annual Convention Report by Steve Dunham and Kevin EuDaly
  • The Way It Was, Part 9, by Stan Kistler
  • Dumpster Diggings by Stan Kistler
  • Out of the Shops:
    • Intermountain Ice Reefers
    • Santa Fe in the Mountains
    • The Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1931-1915

Warbonnet, Volume 2, No. 2, 2nd Quarter, 1996



  • Surf Line 1940-1950 Fullerton to National City by Keith Jordan
  • Modeling Santa Fe's FE-24 Class Automobile Box Cars by Richard H. Hendrickson
  • Diary of a Santa Fe Train Watcher, Part 10: A February 1947 Trip to San Bernardino by Stan Kistler
  • Product Review:
    • Detail Associates HO scale Budd AT&SF El Capitan Hi-Level Passenger Car Kits
    • Sunshine Models BX-8, BX-9 & 10 double sheathed 40' boxcars
    • Arizona Rock & Minerals - New Ballast Available

Warbonnet, Volume 2, No. 3, 3rd Quarter, 1996

Price $5.00


  • Acing a Boom, Development of the Plains Division Borger District, by Bob Burton
  • Modeling the Borger District; Santa Fe Bridge Advertising
  • Diary of a Santa Fe Train Watcher, Part 11: "San Joaquin Holiday" by Stan Kistler
  • Fort Worth Convention Coverage
  • Product Review:
    • HO Scale Detail Associates Hi-Level Chair Car
    • Santa Fe 50' Automobile Box Cars - An Update
    • War Emergency Box Car
    • Custom Numbers for Kato Dash-9s

Warbonnet, Volume 2, No. 4, 4th Quarter, 1996

Price $5.00

  • Minton Chronkite, Pioneer Santa Fe Modeler by David Barrow
  • Surf Line 1950-1965 by C. Keith Jordan
  • Modeling Santa Fe's Unique Train Indicator Signs by Steve Dunham
  • Markers, a new column by Mike Martin
  • Product Announcements:
    • Latest releases from Coach Yard
    • Those Pullman Blues
    • Sunshine BX-22 and FE-26
    • Coast Line Depots, Valley Division
    • Santa Fe Freight in Color
    • Society passenger cars

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