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Warbonnet, Volume 3, No. 1, 1st Quarter, 1997

Price $5.00


  • A Brief History of the Canon City Branch
  • A Pocket Size Depot (Hulah, OK)
  • Cushioning the Stainless Steel Fleet (trucks under streamliners)
  • Santa Fe Flashes
  • Product Reviews:
    • Atlas 3 Bay Cylindrical Hopper
    • Sunshine GA-49 and GA-53

Warbonnet, Volume 3, No. 2, 2nd Quarter, 1997

Out of Print


  • Fast Mail Express: History - Operations - Equipment - Modeling by John R. Signor & Dave Lambert
  • Post Script Fast Mail Express: Just Another Santa Fe Shooter by Mike Martin
  • Product Review:
    • Coach Yard steam-ejector air conditioning detail parts
    • Official Railway Equipment Register, Jan. 1953

Warbonnet, Volume 3, No. 3, 3rd Quarter, 1997

Price $5.00


  • Highlights of the 1997 Convention
  • The 100 Class FT's by Walley Abbey
  • Review of Stewart HO-scale FT's with painting info by Walley Abbey
  • Modeling Magnetic Signal Co. Wigwag by Tom Green
  • Current Late Steam/Early Diesel Era Models Adapted to Santa Fe Prototype by Richard Hendrickson
  • Bad Night on Aikman Hill by Lloyd Stagner
  • Product Review:
    • Pecos River Cabooses
    • CF-7 Locomotives: From Cleburne to Everywhere

Warbonnet, Volume 3, No. 4, 4th Quarter, 1997

Price $5.00


  • Peavine Passenger Service
  • Impressions of the "Hassayampa Chief"
  • Abra-Skull Valley Line Change
  • Build an HO Scale ATSF U36C
  • Diary of a Santa Fe Train Watcher, Part 13 - An Apache Holiday
  • Product Reviews:
    • Walt Disney's Railroad Story (video)
    • Sunshine FT-V

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